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Kids R Coding

A STEM Program for Kids

 Our summer camp curriculum is focused on STEM and engaging kids K-14 as they learn, design, and building while having fun!  

Educational Philosophy

Our educational philosophy focuses on academic essentials that help children improve valuable life skills, such as, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. We believe that true learning takes place when students can discover the world through hands-on, practical, learning models. This allows them to be involved in a learning process that excites, energizes, engages and enriches a wide variety of skills and concepts, while discovering a path that will enable them to have a more productive education.

How do we do it?

We have incorporated what we believe is the best STEM kid-friendly curricula that helps build vocabulary, problem solve, and prepares them for the next school year. Our curriculum development involved hours of research for the right concept that will delivery STEM subjects and ensure that the content is easy to understand, interesting and hands-on. Adding activities that meet our criteria and instructors trained on not just the content but also delivery methods.


Industry Training

Technology is the future and to be competitive in the global economy, to pursue an aggressive yet sustainable development, Kids R Coding and Jan’s Tutoring House will teach children to embrace creativity, invention and innovation. STEM is the engine that can power this growth. STEM education begins in early childhood when children are curious and creative and all children, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or learning style, can excel in STEM disciplines and can aspire to STEM careers. 

6 Week Summer Program

PreK - 1st Grade

We offer computer science curriculum for beginning readers around the kindergarten and first grade age range. Students will learn to program using commands like loops and events and will provide more complex unplugged activities and a variety of puzzles. The lessons will teach students to collaborate with others and investigate different problem-solving techniques, persist in the face of difficult tasks, and learn about internet safety. By the end of this course, students create their very own custom game or story from Play Lab that they can share.

2nd and 3rd Grade

This is developed for students in and around the second and third grades. It uses a limited understanding of shapes and elementary math concepts, such as angles and mathematical concepts introduced with helpful videos and hints. They will translate their initials into binary, investigate different problem-solving techniques, and discuss how to respond to cyberbullying. The students will create an interactive game that they can share. 


4th - 5th

The fourth and fifth graders will begin with a brief review of concepts taught to the K-3rd graders. This introduction is intended to inspire beginners and remind the more advance students of the wonders of computer science. Students will practice coding with algorithms, loops, conditionals, and events before they are introduced to functions. They will investigate different problem-solving techniques and discuss societal impacts of computing and the internet. The students will create interactive stories and games that they can share with their friends and family.

6th - 8th

The sixth - eighth graders will be introduced to computer science in a way that will empower them to create authentic activities and engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun. The two units focus on problem solving and web development. The first unit is highly interactive and collaborative and framed within the broader pursuit of solving problems. The second unit, students are empowered to create and share the content on their own web pages. They begin by thinking about the role of the web, and how it can be used as a medium for creative expression. At the end of the units, students compile their work to create a personal website they can publish and share.

Microsoft Field Trip Events

The Microsoft YouthSpark Summer Camps schedule ranges from 1 to 4-day two-hour interactive activities taught by a Microsoft professional. Only third graders and above and groups of 10 – 15 students can attend. We will rotate the students weekly so everyone will have a chance to attend three events. Each group of students who attended will be put into groups of 3 – 5 and give demonstrations to the students who did not attend those specific workshops—this will help them reinforce their learning, retain the information, and give the others a chance to learn the same material. These are the workshops we have been scheduled only one per week: 1) Minecraft, 2) Starting a Business, 3) Talking Robot, 4) Play & Make Code, 5) Social Causes (Making a Difference), and 6) 3D Movie Making.  Please see schedule for dates and times. 

LEGOS Robotic Kits

Legos has two sets of Robotics kits that the students will use to build their interactive robots and display at the end of the program on family day. The older students will be in groups of four and will work on their project using LEGO Mindstorms concept. The younger students will be in groups of three and will use the LEGO Boost interactive robot. This sets contains everything needed to build and program their first robot.  They will have full teacher support but will be encourage to problem solve and team work. They will use either Android and iOS tablets for handle the programming parts and follow basic coding instructions. The parts are interchangeable and everyone will follow a different pattern for a different outcome--dancing dinosaur, a DIY Batmobile or a robotic Star Wars base. 

Educational Partnerships


Kids R Coding uses curriculum from CODE.org that has been designed by STEM educators using the latest academically recognized methods. And our core methods ensure the children will have fun while learning skills that will provide success for them in their academic careers and in life. 

Microsoft's YouthSpark Program

Our students will benefit from our partnership with Microsoft and will attend their YouthSpark Summer Camps for ages six and up, which we combined with our other activities. The children will learn the latest technology from Microsoft while making new friends, completing creative projects, and gaining new skills that prepare them for the future.

Interactive Coding Platform

 We use Tynker’s interactive coding platform that makes it easy to teach computer programming to younger children. The curriculum is organized into grade-specific courses where students move at their own pace through scaffolded lessons to learn concepts and apply them creatively.  

Tuition Cost

Our schedule matches the MBSYEP--the option weeks have an increased cost to cover cost that are not funded after August 3, 2018.

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Kids R Coding

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